System Features

CF die casting machines feature fully automatic operation for casting alloys of metals at lower melting points including zinc, lead and tin, and are a must for products demanding economic scale of production and high precision.

Interlocked mold locking device to guarantee fast and reliable operation is adapted to the body of the die casting machine, which is also provided with automatic lubrication mechanism for longer operation and extended service life of the machine. Injection mechanism feature heat withstanding, wear proof, and fast dis(mounting). 2-stage injection provided by the oil hydraulic loop warrants fast injection and reliable quality of the finished products.

CF-50HT is selected here to represent our dies casting machines in the more detailed description and operation instructions for you to have better understanding about the structure, working principles and features to achieve the optimal working efficacy of our die casting machines. Performance data may vary depending on the model. Please feel free to contact us for any comments or question on the type and model of our machines.


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